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Lead Sending API – Method 2
Lead Sending API – Method 2
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To get permission to send a lead using this method, contact the support chat and wait for approval. Here is an example of an archive that contains files for sending leads.

How to send a lead?

To send an order, you need to send a request to the following URL:

pass “api_key” as a “get”parameter.

{api_key} can be found in the LuckyOnline personal account in the “Other settings” section -> “api token”.

Required fields for sending a Post request:

  • "name” – customer’s name (at least 2 characters);

  • "phone” – customer’s phone number (valid number);

  • "ip” – customer’s IP address;

  • "user_agent" - customer’s user-agent;

  • "campaign_hash” - hash generated in the partner program;

  • "country” - the country for calls (RU,KZ,UA,IT,ES,GE,AM,KG).

How to retrieve subs and utm tags?

The following parameters can be sent by a post request:

  • utm_source, utm_term, utm_content, utm_campaign, utm_medium;

  • subid1, subid2, subid3;

  • any variable that can be retrieved in the postback.

Did I get the right clickid?

Example of a successful response:

{"response": {"status": "success","content": {"click_id": 2084340300,"country": "RU","is_desktop": true,"amount": 850,"currency_id": "RUB"}}}

Example of an unsuccessful response:

{"response": {"status": "error","code": 400,"message": "name: Fill \"name\" field"}}

Getting lead status from CRM LuckyOnline

The postback partner puts down a Get-link of the following type:{status}&sub_id={get.subid}&cli ck_id={click_id}&sub_id1=7&subid2={get.subid2}&subid3={get.subid3}&profit ={amount}&cl={}

The following parameters can be used in the postback:

{status} - abbreviated lead status, can take the following values:

  • new - new order;

  • rejected - client's refusal;

  • confirmed - client has confirmed the order;

  • trash - non-existent number;

  • {click_id} is the lead ID.

When retrieving any Get parameter via the link: api-webmaster /lead.html, you must write “get.” and then specify the parameter that you are retrieving.

For example, if you are retrieving your ID with "click_id”, you need to write {get.click_id}.

Status collecting

It includes the following statuses:

  • new (new order);

  • rejected (client's refusal);

  • confirmed (client has confirmed the order);

  • trash (non-existent number).

The “data" parameter contains all the variables passed to the Post when sending the lead.

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