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LuckyOnline withdraws funds to payment systems such as:

  • Bank cards;

  • WMZ and WME;

  • Yandex.Money;

  • Qiwi;

  • Capitalist;

  • LuckyAds;


  • EntryProfit;

  • ClicksCloud;

  • Getuniq;

  • MGID;

  • MyTarget;

  • Evadav.

The following conditions apply to receive the payment:

Withdrawal to dollar e-wallets is made without commission at the Central Bank rate;

Output to operating accounts from 200k – 1 to 1.

General description:


“Today” - the sum of the approved leads for today. Approved leads are those leads for which the buyer has placed an order and they have the status "Confirmed". For example, if you had 10 approved leads for today, each of which cost 500 rubles, then there will be 5000 rubles in the “Today" section.

“On hold” - the amount of leads for which the order was placed, but the buyer has not yet been reached or has not had time to place an order for the delivery of the goods. Unlike the article "Today", the article "Expected" is formed for the entire period, for which there are non approved leads. Non approved leads include the statuses "New”, "Expected". For example, if a buyer left a request for 500 rubles a couple of days ago, but you did not have time to get through to him, then the amount of 500 rubles will be in the article "Expected” until the status of approval or refusal comes - "Rejection”, "Fraud". We call within 3 days.

“Total” is the sum of all approved leads for the entire period. The “Total" article is reset after payments.

"Paid” - the amount of all money paid for the entire period on this account.

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