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What is it?

Trashback is a technology for processing trash leads, thanks to which you receive additional income.

How does it work?

Thanks to an experiment conducted by LuckyOnline internal ad buying department, we collected data on leads that fall into trash and divided them into two categories: valid and invalid.

Invalid leads are leads with no probability of redemption. Such leads can get into trash due to entering an incorrect phone number.

Valid leads are leads that have a probability of redemption. Such leads can get into trash, for example, due to repeated non-purchase.

Thanks to thrashback technology, we started processing valid trash leads in order to help our partners minimise their number. For example, the client has repeatedly placed an order, but has not redeemed the goods - the call center operators process such a lead, and then, if the lead receives the “approved” status, you get additional income - trashback.

Trashback is an additional income from processing valid trash leads. This technology allows us to increase additional payments for our partners.

Where to find a trashback rate?

In the offer card you can find detailed information about the trashback rate for each offer

Where to find trashback statistics?

You can find information on the payouts that you received thanks to trashback in the “Statistics” and “Details" sections by applying the “Lead type” filter


The following types of statistics are available in the interface: general statistics on leads with thrashback, statistics on trashback only, statistics without trashback.

On which offers and where is it available?

At the moment, trashback operates in Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Uzbekistan.

In the future, we plan to expand the thrashback technology to all locations of LuckyOnline offers.

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