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What is it?

LastCall is the re-processing of rejected leads, which allows you to increase your income.

How does to work?

The functionality of Last Call assumes an additional ringing of the customer in the event of an initial refusal to purchase, which most often occurs due to the high cost of the product. In such cases, the operator calls the rejected customers again after the first contact and offers the product at a discount, thus achieving a sale.

In this regard, leads may be in the "In processing" status longer than usual. Please note that LastCall leads will have a rate according to the LastCall rate and will be processed until the lead is assigned the final status of "Confirmed” or "Rejected".

If the customer placed an order in the end, you will receive additional income. If the customer refuses to purchase after repeated ringing by the operator, the lead will switch to the "Rejected" status.

Where to find a LastCall rate?

The LastCall lead rate is displayed in the offer catalog and on the offer page itself.



Where to find LastCall statistics?

You can see the leads that are processed using LastCall technology in the statistics by applying the filter "Lead Type" -> Last Call.


On which offers and where is it available?

The processing of leads by the LastCall function is available on those offers and locations, where the LastCall rate is indicated.

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