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Adaptive scripts
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An adaptive script is a customised script for a specific pre-landing page, according to which the operator conducts a dialogue with the client.

What is the advantage of an adaptive script?

When the lead appears in the call center system, the operator already knows on the basis of what information and history the lead has submitted an application. Accordingly, during the call, he builds a dialogue with the client based on the story that attracted his attention. Thus, the adaptive script increases the level of customer confidence and the possibility of successful closing of the sale.

How to use adaptive scripts?

1. In the catalog of offers, by applying filtering by the “Adaptive script” tag, offers for which this function is possible will be displayed;

2. Then, on the page of the offer itself, when creating a flow, you need to filter the pre-landing also by the “Adaptive script" tag, create a flow, select the appropriate landing and pre-landing with an adaptive script, register the necessary tags and save the flow. You can learn more about creating a flow here.

What to do if you are using api and want to use an adaptive script?

  1. It is necessary to create a flow using any method (1 or 2) in the partner program and select those pre-landing pages that have the "Adaptive Scripts" tag, then take the hash and use it to retrieve leads from this pre-landing;

  2. If you have already created a flow with our pre-landings with an adaptive script, then you do not need to do any additional actions;

  3. If you are using your pre-landing, then you need to create a new flow in the partner program, choose the pre-landing most suitable for yours and integrate with us via API as usual, adaptive scripts will be included.

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