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What is domain parking?

Domain parking is a redirect from the affiliate program domain to your domain hiding the original affiliate program domain.

What is a domain for?

Domain parking allows you to park your domain on the IP address of the affiliate program, that is, to replace the real link of the affiliate program with your own domain.

How to park the domain?

In the LuckyOnline personal profile, go to the Tools section and the domain parking will open

  • Find the desired offer from the list provided, enter your domain without slashes and “http://”, click on the “Add” button;

  • Then the parked domain will appear in the column "My parkings". If you park a domain with the nesting level of 2, you get NS record and register them. If the domain is with the nesting level of 3, then you get a CNAME record, and you register this script accordingly.

Remember that DNS server updates can take up to 72 hours depending on your ISP;

  • To park the domain, use the "Direct link" link formation method;

  • Next, click on the “Flow Domain” tab and select the parked domain from the list provided and get the link. You cannot remove the values ​​of the “cid” parameter from it - this is your unique hash.

To learn more about how to park a domain, follow the link.

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