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What is a rotator and what is it for?

A rotator is a tool that allows us to hold A/B tests of combinations with a single link.

How does it work?

The rotator alternately shows links (landing pages and pre-landing pages) to the user with each redirect.

As a result, you get one link, but each time you open the link, a new combination is shown, which gains the same number of clicks.

How to activate the rotator?

The rotator is available only in the “Redirect method of a link creation.

  • In order to activate the rotator, you should go to the Offers section, select the desired offer and create a flow.

  • Select the desired landing pages and pre-landing pages, activate the “Rotator” checkbox, set the switch to “ON” and save the flow.

Where can I find the combinations?

After saving the flow, all selected combinations will be displayed in the flow itself in the "Rotator" tab.

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