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Leads statuses
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What lead statuses exist in LuckyOnline?

When a lead is submitted to LuckyOnline, it is assigned one of four statuses in the “Statistics” section: “Confirmed”, “In Progress”, “Rejected”, “Trash”.

How is a lead status assigned?

Reasons for assigning a lead status:

1."Confirmed" is displayed if a client has confirmed and placed an order.

2. "In progress" indicates that the lead has entered the call center and operators work with it or the lead is in the queue for a call. Also, the lead can have this status if a client asked to call him back at the appointed time. The operator records the information and calls back. The lead will be assigned the "Confirmed" or "Rejected" status only after a second call.

3. The Rejected status is assigned for the following reasons:

  • "Client refused" - this reason will be indicated in detailing if the client refused to purchase;

  • "Has not left a request" - if the call center finds out after the call that the client has not not left a request, then the lead is assigned this status;

  • "Already made an order / Accidentally left a request" - this reason is assigned if the client informs that he left a request accidentally and is not interested in the offer, or he changed his mind / has already made an order elsewhere;

  • "Language barrier" - the reason is displayed if the operator cannot establish the contact with the client due to the peculiarities of the language dialect / evident speech defects of the client, which do not allow the operator to correctly place an order;

  • "Regions prohibited for delivery" is assigned if the delivery to the client's region is impossible. For example, to outlying islands and territories from the administrative center, to hard-to-reach areas or due to local logistics. The list of regions prohibited for delivery can be found here;

  • “The order has already been placed (question / claim)” - the reason is assigned if the client has already made an order, but left a repeated request for consultation, clarification of additional information, or the client has a quality claim.

4. “Trash” status. The leads can be assigned the “trash” status for the following four reasons:

  • "Repeated request" is assigned if a lead with an identical phone number has already left a request for the same offer and at the moment the operators work with that request;

  • "Invalid phone number" - if the client has left an incorrect phone number and it is impossible to reach the client;

  • "The number is blacklisted" - the lead is blacklisted, if the client is aggressive - threatens,is being rude, uses swear words. The lead can also be blacklisted due to repeated non-buyouts.

  • "Non-existent country in the offer" - this reason suggests that the lead came from the location, where our product is not presented. Please note that the list of countries from which traffic is accepted for this product is indicated under each offer.

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