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What is it?

Tracker is an internet counter that allows you to collect complete traffic statistics during an advertising campaign. Trackers are used as part of affiliate marketing, when the partner receives a reward for each visitor, subscriber, buyer and / or sale carried out with his assistance.

What do tracking systems bring to you?

With the help of a CPA tracker, you can track the performance of advertising campaigns, do A/B tests, split traffic and switch advertisers, landing pages and offers without changing the link in an advertising campaign.

Tracker types

There are two types of all tracking systems:

- Self-hosted trackers (server trackers);

- Cloud trackers (cloud trackers).

In the first case, the tracker should be placed on your own server, in the second one - all work is done directly in a browser. Self-hosted trackers are suitable for advanced users, while Cloud trackers are ideal for beginners.

Popular trackers for arbitration

Keitaro is a self-hosted tracker with flexible settings that can be easily integrated with any website, platform or service. In Keitaro, you can separate traffic by country, browser language, provider, keywords etc.

AdsBridge is a cloud tracker using the Smartlink system. Smartlink is one link to which you need to drive traffic. The system analyzes in real time every visitor who has clicked on the smartlink and redirects them to the appropriate offer in order to achieve the maximum conversion rate.

Binom is a self-hosted tracker with a user-friendly interface for beginners. There are many instructions in the knowledge base and the support team responds quickly to questions.

Zeustrack is a hybrid tracker with advanced filter settings and server management directly from the panel

CPA Tracker is a cloud and self-hosted tracker with a free version. If you're new to arbitrage and don't have a budget to buy a tracker, you can start working with CPA Tracker.

Peerclick is a cloud tracker with a wide range of campaign optimization functionality and a large number of parameters by which you can analyze traffic.

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