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What showcase is?

A showcase is a news portal that contains up-to-date news, when the client goes to them, he gets to teasers, with the help of which the traffic is monetised.

How does it work and what is a showcase for?

When creating a flow in LuckyOnline affiliate network, you activate the news showcase itself, or install it on your pre landing page, if you upload it to your hosting.

There are three options when the showcase is triggered:

  1. The traffic came to the pre landing page. When a client clicks on a landing page, the landing page opens in a new tab, and the pre-landing page is replaced with a showcase;

  2. If the client clicks on the “back” button on the pre-landing page, then the client does not return to the place from where he came to the pre-landing page, but also goes to the showcase, where there is an opportunity to catch on to some interesting news and then go to the pre-landing and place an order;

  3. This option works only for desktops. We set up a pop-up window, and when the client wants to close the pre-landing page, he will see a window in which, when he clicks on the cross or the button, a redirect to the showcase will occur.

All the convertible traffic that wants to leave your pre-landing page is redirected to the showcase and catches on the news, then makes a lead and brings you additional income. Therefore, it is important to connect the showcase, since without it you actually lose from 10 to 30% of your profits.

Showcase functions

  • The showcase opens instead of the pre-landing page, four seconds after switching to the landing page (in a new tab).

  • When the pre-landing + landing page link is formed and this function is activated, the landing page will open in a new window, and the pre-landing page will be redirected to the showcase in four seconds.

  • Redirect to the showcase occurs when you click on the "back" button.

  • If you click on the "back" button in the browser on the pre-landing page, instead of the pre-landing page, a showcase will open in the same tab.

  • The showcase opens in a new tab when you try to close or click on the pop-up window that appears on the current pre-landing page (when you drag the mouse off the page).

  • If you drag the mouse off the page on the pre-landing page, then the pop-up that you generated earlier will appear. When you close the pop-up, the showcase will open in a new tab.

Connection of an affiliate program showcase

Showcase activation

  1. To connect the showcase of the affiliate program, go to the Offers section and select any offer. Click on the button “Create a flow”;

  2. In order to activate the showcase, select the "Redirect" or "Direct" link formation method. It is impossible to activate the showcase on other methods of link formation;

  3. After choosing one of the methods, the function of activating the showcase in the "Showcase" block will be available;

  4. Select the landing page and pre-landing page, set the switch in the “Showcase” block to the “ON” position and activate the showcase, then click on the third checkbox “Pop-up activation”;

  5. Next, upload the product picture. The product picture can be found in the "Promo" section in the "Photo" folder. Download any picture and upload it to the showcase;

  6. Then go to the filling in the text field, which contains the text encouraging customers to stay on the pre-landing page or go to the landing page;

  7. Fill in the text of the order button on the pop-up window. When you click on the “Order” button, you will be redirected to the landing page in another tab, and a showcase will open in the current tab.

  8. Press the button “Save the flow” and get a unique link.

Showcase connection with your domain

Connecting a showcase to a pre-landing page connected to an affiliate program

If the pre-landing page was downloaded from our Yandex disk from the "Promo" block in the offer, then the pre-landing page is connected to the affiliate program, which means that the pre-landing page has a script:

- <script src = ""> </script>
- <script type = "text / javascript"> jQuery (document) .ready (function () {$ ("a"). leadprofit ({hash: "f94da454-e8f3-4f3e-b1dd-c0208a9916"}). leadprofitPreland ( );}); </script>

In this case, the showcase has already been connected, it remains only to activate the showcase in the flow in which the hash from the campaign was taken.

You do not need to fill in the "Order button URL" field.

Connecting a showcase to a pre-landing page which is not connected to an affiliate program

If you have a pre-landing without scripts, as a pre-landing connected to an affiliate program, then to connect a showcase you need to:

  1. Choose any pre-landing + landing pages in the affiliate program, activate the showcase, enable the showcase options, be sure to fill in the "Order button URL" field.

  2. In the "Order button URL" field there is a link for the "Order" pop-up - then, after clicking on the button, you should enter the user and save the flow.

  3. Then you get the JS OF THE SHOWCASE - and you should connect it to the pre-landing page before the closing tag </body>. The showcase is configured through the flow in which the campaign was created.

  4. To adjust the window opening time, add the “landRedirectDelay” parameter to the link.

For example, take the link

<script src = ""> </script> 

add & landRedirectDelay = 4 000, where 4 000 is 4 seconds (4,000 milliseconds). That is, 4,000 can be changed to any multiple of 1,000.

We get the following:

 <script src = ""> </script>

How to upload my pop-up?

To upload the pop-up, you need to activate the third checkbox “Activate pop-up”, turn the switch to the “ON” position and activate the pop-up, then:

  1. Load the picture into the block on the left, fill in the text field and the text of the "Order" button. In the "Order button URL" field, be sure to indicate the link for the "Order" pop-up.

  2. Save the flow.

How does it work?

When the pop-up appears, the "Order" button appears too. When you click on it, it redirects us to the link that we specified when filling in the "Order button URL" field.

How can I find out how much I earned for leads from the showcase?

All leads earned from the showcase are displayed in the Showcase menu.

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