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Flow creation
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How to create a flow?

1. Go to the Offers section and select the desired offer by filters, GEO, or name, then click on any area of the offer. Be sure to read the conditions of the selected offer, rules and prohibited traffic sources;

2. Now we start creating a flow, click the button “Create a flow”, enter the name of the flow, select a link formation method, domain, select a landing page and a pre-landing page. If necessary, set up the "ComeBacker" script;

3. Now fill in the information about the flow:

- Add utm and subid tags;

- Set up postback, add mapping for statuses.

- Javascript callback is a field where the JavaScript code is entered. For example alert (1); \ without <script> </script>. The code is activated only for the parked domain on the landing page;

4. Click the "Save the flow" button and get a unique link with a hash, with which we will work and bring traffic to it. When driving traffic to the landing page, the hash cannot be deleted.

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