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Enabling two-factor authentication
Enabling two-factor authentication
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How to enable two-factor authentication?

Two-factor authentication guarantees the protection of your account. If it is enabled, two components are used to log in:

  • Something only you know — your password;

  • Something only you have — your phone.

To enable two-factor authentication, you need to install the Google Authenticator application.

With the Google Authenticator app, you can get codes to login to your LuckyOnline account without any internet connection or mobile network.

Let's move on to setting up two-factor authentication:

  • Download and install the application:

— if you use Android - download here

— if you use iOS - download here

  • Open the app

Enabling two-factor authentication in the partner program:

  • In the LuckyOnline personal account, go to the profile settings and find the "two-factor authentication” section.

  • Turn the switch to the “ON" position and scan the QR code in the Google Authenticator application.


  • The code will be sent to your phone number, enter it into the "Enter code" field on the screenshot above and click "Send".


    • If the correct code is entered, two-factor authentication becomes active.


    Enabling additional security settings

    In order for any parameter on the page to be changed by entering a password on your phone from the Google Authenticator application, you need to activate the "Connect to change profile" function.

    To strengthen the security of your account, you can activate the "Connect to the login of the affiliate program" function. In this case, each time you log in to your LuckyOnline account, the system will require you to enter a code from your phone from the Google Authenticator app. For this you can use only one phone.

    Specific performance features of an account connected to two-factor authentication

    If you have an arbitration team and only one LuckyOnline account, then you can (but we do not advise) disable the "Connect to the partner program login" function so that other team members can log in to the account.

    But at the same time, do not disable the "Connect to change profile" function, so that the change of payment data remains under your control.

    If you work alone, then be sure to activate two-factor authentication for all items to protect your account from hacking. Never neglect security measures, especially when you can lose your money.

    If you lose your phone and cannot enter the two-factor authentication code, contact your manager or the support.

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