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To add Google Analytics to the landing:

  1. Create an account in Google Analytics, configure the time zone, currency. Next, in the section “Configuring the data flow”, add a link to the landing page;


2.Get the data flow ID;


3. In the "Instructions for adding tags” section, chose the "Global tag”:


4. Copy the global tag and paste it into the <head> section of the HTML code of your page. If you use a website builder (WordPress, Shopify, etc.), copy the global tag and paste it into the field for custom HTML code.

5. Using the Google Analytics extension, check the installed code in your landing page.

6. Next, insert the tracking code into the order completion page. After saving the changes, make a test order and use the Google Analytics extension to check whether the metric sees our tags.

7. Also, you can check the installed tracking code in Google Analytics in the “Real-time Report" section. Go ahead and study the emerging statistics thanks to the installed tag.

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